Less is more. Below is a collection of our best and most popular how-to guides and best practices for becoming a product feedback expert.

Transforming Your Product Management

A quick 4-page primer on the product feedback process at software companies before and after UserVoice.

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Building a Feedback Machine

80% of product managers feel that feedback from customer-facing teams is important, yet only 14% of them have an effective process for getting feedback from sales and support.

This guide contains several solutions for product managers struggling to establish an effective, scalable process for collecting, organizing, and communicating quality feedback from customer-facing teams within their organization.

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Product Features: the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

For product managers who are seeking knowledge and advice on improving existing products by strategically adding new features and functionalities.

  • How to ensure you're building the right features.
  • The true costs of implementing and maintaining a feature.
  • When and how to say "no" to a feature request.
  • How to build and launch successful features.
  • How to rescue features that flop.
  • What to do with features that simply aren’t making the cut
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Get Your Priorities Straight!

For product managers who are looking for help prioritizing initiatives on their product roadmap, or who simply need a refresher course on the subject.

  • Important prerequisites for roadmapping such as defining a clear product vision, understanding the metrics that matter most to your product, and gaining a good understanding of your customers.
  • Basic prioritization strategies you can apply to get your roadmap on the right track while keeping your team in the loop.
  • How to maintain a healthy roadmap (and product!) over time by avoiding common pitfalls like technical debt and feature bloat.
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The Influence of Customer Feedback on the Product Development Process

Customer-centric product development is a widely embraced prerequisite for a successful product, but what does it look like in practice? That’s exactly what we explored in our recent survey of 200 product managers on the influence of feedback on the product development process.

  • Sources of product insight
  • Influence of internal stakeholders
  • Time spent collecting and managing feedback
  • Closing the customer feedback loop
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Best Practices for Collecting Feedback

If you’re new to gathering feedback or an old hand these free short guides will give you the expertise you need to be effective.