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Turnkey, install-less feedback

Introducing the Feedback Portal

The original UserVoice is still one of our best performing channels for capturing feedback. As users type, auto-suggest will match existing feedback to cut down on duplicates and help surface top ideas. Easy to set up and customize to match your brand’s look and feel.

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Seamless in-app feedback

Introducing the Feedback Widget

We invented the Feedback Tab because embedding the ability to give feedback directly into your application only encourages more feedback. A few lines of javascript help you configure your widget to launch from a tab, floating target, or your own navigational link within your app. Oh, and it also works on mobile… because it’s 2020.

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Hassle-free Internal Team Feedback

Introducing the Contributor Sidebar & CRM integrations

Enable your sales, success and support teams to pass along feedback they come across anytime and anywhere. Those customer-facing teams simply install our browser bookmarklet and then they can capture feedback in any webapp they work in – from Gmail, to CRM, to your helpdesk. Additionally we offer first-class integrations, without the bookmarklet, for Salesforce and Zendesk.

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What about your other streams of feedback like closed lost or churn notes? Or how about the support tickets your Support team has already classified as product feedback related? Or NPS survey responses? No worries. It’s easy to pipe that feedback directly into UserVoice for categorization, analysis and follow up.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The same lines of javascript that power the in-app widget can also prompt for NPS. Already have an NPS solution? It probably can be easily connected to UserVoice via Zapier.


Sometimes you’re interested in very targeted product direction from your customers, or a specific segment of them. SmartVote helps you get statistically significant results on what PM shortlisted functionality is most important to them.


Want to build your own widget? Have an existing feedback stream? No problem. You can easily send that to UserVoice using our APIs, SDKs or Zapier / Tray integrations to manage, prioritize, and activate all of your feedback under one roof.

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