One system of record to evolve product,
reduce churn, & generate fanatical customers

Close the loop on
your roadmap

Quickly drag and drop your way to an always up-to-date roadmap that your whole organisation can easily access.

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Close the loop with engineering

Our integrations with Jira and Visual Studio allow you to keep Engineering in the loop on the customer demand behind the things they’re working on. And it helps the product team see, at-a-glance, when they need to be closing the loop with customers as projects near beta or completion.

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JIRA Visual Studio Team Services

Close the loop with customers and customer-facing teams

We provide you with a variety of methods for easily communicating 1-to-many with customers and customer-facing teams around the projects you’re working on.

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Post a public update that’s emailed directly to the customers who’ve submitted feedback related to what you’re building.


Save time answering the same questions over and over by posting an update for internal teams about top feedback. Ask for more information, explain workaround or thinking behind why something will or won’t be on the roadmap.


Send a email blast directly to customers who’ve submitted related feedback. Great for getting follow up feedback on requirement, mockups or to invite people to beta functionality.


Do it yourself. You have access to which users and customers are interested in what you’re building so you can email specific ones directly.