One system of record to evolve product,
reduce churn, & generate fanatical customers

A single view of your feedback program’s health

What sources and teams are driving the majority of our feedback? How is it trending over time? And most importantly, what percentage of our customers are we tracking feedback for (coverage rate)? Get those answers quickly with our feedback volume reporting.

A single view of top opportunities for product improvement

All of your incoming feedback is grouped into product Suggestions so it’s easy to quickly understand what is most commonly heard whether by number of requests (users), accounts or revenue represented by those accounts.

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By customer demographics & data

What feedback are we hearing from SMB vs Enterprise customers? What about from users vs administrators? Any information you have about your customers (SMB vs Enterprise, Geo, Active vs Churned, etc) can be used to create custom segments through which to view your feedback.

By Salesforce opportunity data

What feedback would have had the greatest impact on winning more revenue? How many open opportunities and revenue are blocked by this product gap? What’s the historical close rate on deals where this was an issue? We can help you get a detailed view of how product issues are affecting sales.

A single view of roadmap & ROI

Connect your Roadmap, both the projects in progress and those up for consideration, to your top Suggestions to get a complete view of potential reach & impact of your upcoming functionality.

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Because Roadmap items often encompass solving multiple pain points you can link them to multiple Suggestions…


…giving us the ability to see the aggregate amount of demand for each Roadmap Item for all customers or specific segments.


Optionally we can set up custom calculations if we want to see total demand weighted to specific customer segments.


Optionally you can plug in your impact, effort and confidence scores to aid in prioritization and communication.


Looking for full control over your dashboards and feedback analysis? Our Fivetran and Stitch integrations make it easy for you to sync your UserVoice data to the data warehouse of your choice without writing a single line of code.